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In our day to day dealings with our relatives and love ones we tend to become nebulous in our dealings with them from

time to time.  We sometimes unknowingly take them for granted, and assume that everything is going to be alright because that is the way it has always been.  We become too relaxed, and at that time the stage is set for a rude awaking to our persona and how it is not really consistent with the way of our beloved Prophet.  (PBUH)

This brings to mind the question why do so many people tend to become so attached to pet, rather than human beings, especially when they reach a certain age.  Let look at the pet, not that we want our relatives to become pets... say you have a cat, this cat knows from past experiences that it's substance come through your hand, it's food, it water, it grooming, it love , just to name a few.  When you leave for work or an errand it follows you to the door,  and when you return home safe, no matter how late it is, that pet will come running to meet and greet you, and most of the time you are very happy to see it also.  Why...because there is love between the two of you, and you are not afraid to exhibit it from either side.  The more this happens the stronger the bond becomes.  People on the other hand much of the time could care less about when you come or when you go, or sometimes just forget because more important things are going on in their live, ie talking on the phone, or watching tv , or on the computer, you get my drift...Then there comes some potentially  catastrophic event in our live that serves as a basis for us to  re-look at how we conduct our relationships with those close to us...the following is a post that caught my attention, and thanks to Allah, it had a pleasant  ending, but a profound learning potential for many of us...look for the take away...

"My husband works third shift. I normally watch him out the window until he pulls off but tonight I didn't. While I'm in the basement getting a little work done--thinking my husband is at work--I heard a loud banging at my door! I ran upstairs and there was a woman at my door yelling, "Your husband out here on the ground!"

OMG! My heart almost stopped! I think I instantly thought the worse...smh

Alhamdulilah, it wasn't as bad as I thought but my poor hubby slipped on the ice at the bottom of our driveway and injured his ankle...he was trying to drag himself back to our door when a passerbyer saw him outside on the ground and called 911...Sister TS"

Learn to never take anyone for granted...tomorrow they might not be there with us...

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