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It’s not the religion that creates terrorists, it’s the politics | Giles Fraser: Loose canon

" We want to tell ourselves that we are secular and enlightened and so have no part in all of this bloodshed. It’s what

people commonly do with evil – we conceptualise it as being as far away from us as possible. But if Islamic terrorism is really all about politics, then we have to admit that the long history of disastrous western interventions in the Middle East is a part of the cause of the horror that continues to unfold. In other words, we have to face our responsibility."
Loose canon: The radicalisation hypothesis steers us away from the real causes of terrorist violence – and enables the west to maintain a denial about its own role in...
theguardian.com|By Giles Fraser

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Comment by Bilal Mahmud المكافح المخلص on September 13, 2015 at 9:43pm

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Comment by Shaykh Ali Abu-Talib on September 14, 2015 at 7:10am

“Politics And Jihad”

Extremism?  Fanaticism?  Terrorism, And Veils?

If you listen to the media, Islam breeds sub humans with tails.

But the politics of Islam are deeper than a sound bite,

But they’re seldom placed under scrutiny’s revealing light.

Islam is a universal culture... a right complete way of life.  Islam pushes peace, yet mandates violent strife when it’s practitioners are militarily oppressed.  Islam doesn’t condone murder, but when alien or domestic powers, possessed by megalomaniac arrogance and greed, are hell bent and determined to feed upon the dignity of Muslims, their labor, and lands, Islam demands that Muslims unite and take appropriate stands opposed to aggression, tyranny, and crime. This is God’s standing order in all places and time.

And this is just common sense.  A lack of vigilance due to philosophical incompetence makes it impossible to even conceive a gallant consequence to an oppressor’s insolence. A religion so steeped in marshal indolence, and negligence, that it commands it’s people to bow before invaders, tyrants, and corrupters like whorish sycophants in craven obedience, preferring safety and, (or) economic expedients, to the kind of self determination, freedom, and other virtuous ingredients needed to hold one’s head up in dignified self defense, is viewed as ignoble by Almighty Divine Providence, and unworthy by all men of honor and consequence.

But when the northern world got determined to establish their rules, and wed sulfur to iron to make exploding war tools, no one, no where, could resist their invasion. They had their way with the world through violent persuasion;  killing, enslaving, without religious, or moral dissuasion.  

Flesh against metal.  Swords against guns.  Tribes against nations, who were worst than the Huns.  Who will deny the Atlantic slave trade, and the wound on humanity that holocaust made? 

Then the white Western tyrants used fire and sword to rule most of the  world in the name of The Lord. The brown Eastern tyrants were soundly defeated. Yet, even though Muslim war glory drastically receded, Islam still dictates how even the defeated should think and behave.  Muslims are to use their common sense, and not let the Muslim community become a slave to wrong headed arrogance standing against God’s way of life.  Whoever rules over Muslims must expect all kinds of strife, if corruption becomes rife in the Muslim community. Islam  does not allow the Muslim community to apathetically give immorality immunity to hold sway with impunity.

When those who pray 5 times a day find the courage to speak, they’ll stand up and say

that Islam is the only force that can rule them.  Islam is the only philosophy that can school them.  Islam is the only shade that can cool them.  Tranquility through submission to God is Reality. No illusion will fool them.

This never will change; not now and not ever. There is no ism, no science, no financial lever that will keep the devout of Islam from wanting to endeavor to establish God’s Kingdom on earth, whether those who would be god’s or God’s partners like it or not, at the risk of being hung, knifed, or covertly shot. So, though murder is evil, political organizing, self defense, and civil disobedience is not.

When faced with oppression, brave Muslims, just like everybody else, will most certainly stand up and fight. It is God’s Will. It is a fundamental human right. It is democratic to the max that the majority’s will dominates.  So where Islam is the predominant culture, the Muslim majority eventually nominates some form of Islam to be the official political philosophy of the state. Shouting the most pious slogan... Allahu Akbar, “God Is Most Great.” 

That being said, know that Islam condemns murder as wrong.  Muslims were not made strong, and ruled the world for so long by indiscriminately killing innocents, and sowing cruelty induced fear.  In fact, Islam holds human life so sacred and dear that in a clear Divine Edict, to which Muhammad strictly did adhere, killing non combatants is forbidden, even when Jihad is in high gear. That’s why modern day warfare took Muslims with ease.  It’s cowardly, unholy, a marshal disease.

Even guerrilla warfare, was considered cowardly, and unfair. Who could dare, be unaware of whom he was killing, even in warfare?  To the original Muslims, modern warfare would be considered a nightmare, that can only be waged by those who didn’t care for their soul’s eternal welfare. Dropping bombs from the air, without a care, as to whom such death dealing promiscuity does not spare?  Muslims on horse back fought back against mechanical warfare, but had to give up in defeat and pitiful despair. Or adopt Satanic tactics… the devils’ psychopathic snare.

Thus everywhere that was industrially poor, became dominated, and humiliated, and then thoroughly miseducated by megalomanic Machiavellians who were power-inebriated.  The politics of the heart became a lost art.  Heartless men ‘till this day from the start, follow the pharaohs, though they see the sea part. From high in the sky, with devices deemed “conventional,”  promiscuous killing is termed unintentional.  The fate of humanity sits on the edge of a knife, because this dishonorable strife is just a symptom that wrong has grown rife.  Gross, open evil caused by warped values and greed.  The Few’s love of play things trumps The World’s desperate need.  

So even some Muslims believe there’s no God revealed proof... no right do’s and don’ts ....  no Absolute Truth. If God didn’t reveal, And right is determined by how most voters feel, then there’s no ultimate justice, because there’s no right and no wrong.  And might should be worshipped, for right is not strong.  If there’s no heaven or hell, no angel that fell... there’s no soul to sell... no damned Devil’s spell.   

If there’s no right to fight for, no spiritual core, then there is no God, and with death there is forever no more. Then honor or valor won’t alter the score. But those with faith in The God, and heaven and hell, will abide by God’s edicts... won’t break ranks and rebel. Those who believe that God did reveal, know it’s God Damned to murder, to lie, cheat, and steal.  If you love what is evil, and hate what is right, and cover the truth, and hide from the light, it’s Damned no matter... if you’re rich or you’re poor.  If you’re weak or you’re strong, wrong is wrong to wrong’s core.

Then why do Muslims, Christians, and Jews wage conflicts that contradict our own code of ethics? Perhaps we’re too focused on marshal conflicts to notice the diversionary tricks of Satanic politics. While souls spin out of control in each place... on each level... attention is distracted from the real plot of The Devil.  The Real Devil plots against your human soul.  That’s The Real Devil’s purpose... his only real goal. 

With chaos induced confusion, and financial illusion, Satan murders your values, and virtue till you reach life’s conclusion.  

The real war against terror is the war against Ego.  Arrogance is the enemy, and stupidity his amigo.  Know that God sent Muhammad, with a Divine Rhymed Composition, to cast light on the basic Islamic proposition that There’s None To Serve Or To Worship But The One, With No Peer. No Gold Calf Or Bank Book. No Chief, Or Amir. Only God The Almighty, Who’s Everywhere And Here... And God’s Final Prophet, is a voice crystal clear that must be obeyed, when hearing ears hear.  And God never prescribed murder to make non-Muslims fear.

By Shaykh Ali Abu-Talib Son Of AbdunNur


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