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After pleading so hard for our government to change direction and decide to preserve US economic sovereignty and the


           Dr. Anisa Abd el Fattah

After making the case for an economic solution that would have prevented default and also solved the US debt crisis, I think its fitting, considering that I lost the argument, to say a few words about what I think should be next.

right of our country and citizens to prosper by addressing our debt crisis, it seems to me that I would be acting irresponsibly not say at least a few words about what happens now that our political leaders have chosen the path of economic collapse, which allows the US to be folded into the New World Order economic scheme.  That scheme is premised upon the destruction or collapse of sovereign economies, just as it destroys sovereign borders, sovereign governments and sovereign militaries.  The New World Order is basically a one world government wherein every organization and institution of any meaning is controlled by a single government that claims authority over the entire earth.  It’s objective is to control not only the laws and the political aspect of our world’s existence, but they will also be the only entity granted the legitimate right to use coercive force, to control standing armies and law enforcement, even militias, or para militaries.


It is hard for those of us who grew up at a time in the United States when words like freedom, liberty and sovereignty had real meanings and were seen as virtues, to understand where the people come from who want a single authority, or government controlling everyone and everything in the world and who think it is a good idea. We wonder if the people supporting those behind the scheme understands that it means essentially that life will lose much of its dynamism and that people will have to surrender so much of their uniqueness, freedoms, rights and autonomy for such a scheme to work.


 When reading the UN documents that are the blueprint for the New Secular World Order that is taking shape, it becomes very clear that human rights and human development and spiritual progress are not among its top priorities. It is clear that its primary objectives will be population control, in all of its many applications, including Eugenics and efficient human resource management. Its overall objective, which is now obvious to most people, is to structure a world in tiers, or classes of people who will enjoy life according to who they are. Most people recognize this symbolically in the movie Elysium. The three classes presented in the movie are distinguished by the languages they speak.  The poor and working class speak Spanish, the elite and pampered speak French, and the powerful overlords and government figures all speak German. There is no class, or group in the movie that speaks English. Why is English missing? Perhaps for the same reasons that ideas like, freedom, liberty, justice, and pursuit of happiness are no longer popular. Our popular culture has taken these ideas and made them into slogans, the purpose of which is to chide and stigmatize those who hold these once powerful and meaningful expressions of the quest for human dignity in ridicule.  They are called right wing extremists and other things implying that they are irrelevant and not part of the future popular culture, which might be right. I’m not trying to suggest that only people in the US ever held these ideas in high esteem  I am saying that we had our own understanding and culture that developed around our reverence for these ideas. It does not make us exceptional, but it does mean that we have a culture of own, one that is no longer very popular, where these ideas are the centerpiece of our national existence. 


The US did not have to raise the debt ceiling to get the government reopened after its partial shutdown. It raised the debt ceiling because Wall Street and the international banking cartel demanded that it be raised. They don’t care under what pretext it is raised because they are not accountable to anyone. Governments refuse to regulate, or to enforce the law in respect to the international banking cartel, so the cartel is merciless in its willingness and seeming enjoyment in respect to making supposedly powerful men like  the leaders of the government of the United States of America, behave as slaves who are willing to undermine their own people and country to avoid the wrath of the big banks  One Congressman said he could smell the alcohol on the breath of his colleagues as they cast their votes on the various failed attempts to re=open the government and to defund Obamacare. It was dirty work that only a drunk could do.   


So, where do we go from here? Some people think we have years to reeducate the American populace to behave like responsible self-governing people and that once we have accomplished that, we will defeat the banking cartel at the ballot box.  That will not happen in enough time to matter, in my opinion. Others think that we should use the midterm elections to clean house and throw everyone in Congress out. I agree, but that leaves us with a dysfunctional executive branch that can only govern by executive order because it cannot break the political paralysis that has crippled the government. That paralysis is not a coincidence. It is all part of the big picture scheme.  If the government is not representative of the people, and if the people have no leverage over their representatives or their president, what difference does it make who we vote for?


My point here is simply to suggest that the economic die has been cast. Not because it is too late for a solution to be formulated and applied that would save our economy from collapse. It is cast because there is no political apparatus to deliver the solution. We can all go and scream and shout in the streets, fight the police, get arrested, go on TV and spew and rant. The bottom line is that without a powerful political apparatus that can stand up to the international bankers, it is meaningless. Without people in our government who share the same values and ideas as the populace, about things like honesty, honor, fairness, justice, rights, sovereignty, etc. that are meaningful and important to us, what we do is meaningless in respect to reforming our government. As long as we have people leading our government who have nothing but contempt for America and our Constitution we have no reason to expect that they will abide by the law, or be willing to make any sacrifices for the country as we understand our Republic and what it was intended to be and what it could have been and someday still might be.


I conclude with a prayer that the people who have witnessed this most recent political sideshow, realize that we are at a juncture in our country’s history where we don’t have the luxury of party politics and gamesmanship anymore, or what is called business as usual.I pray we have realized that It is time to convene a Constitutional Congress and turn to our founding documents and  review them and decide if we still believe. If not, let the process play out peacefully and prepare,  every man for himself, because the economy and the dollar are destined to collapse and there will be a New Secular World Order. If, on the other hand, we decide that we do believe in the vision of our founders and we are willing to make the sacrifices to bring their vision into the 21st century, we must begin now by calling the people to convene a people’s Constitutional Congress. The Congress will address our Constitutional crisis, and take the steps necessary and prescribed to save and preserve the ideals and vision that we believe in.    

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