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Asalaam alaykum Brothers of Al-Farooq & Dar-Un-Noor:
I write to alert you to an incident that occurred Sunday night at Auto Spa Bistro car wash, a business located on 14th Street, less than a block away from the masjid. Someone vandalized a shed belonging to the car wash, spray painting "Allahu akbar" in Arabic along with a swastika, a crossed-through Star of David, and the Nazi SS symbol.
Police are trying to figure out who spray painted anti-Semitic graffiti all over an Atlanta car wash on Monday. 
The police are investigating the incident, but they have not yet identified a suspect. The car wash is owned by African-Americans, so it's not clear why the vandal drew anti-Semitic graffiti. Although the Arabic is well-written, that doesn't mean an Arab Muslim did it. The vandal could have copied the Arabic, which has happened in the past with other hate crimes, to smear Muslims.
Either way, I just wanted to make you aware of this incident so that you can take any relevant security precautions. I would suggest that you be especially watchful over the students at the academy this week. 
I would also suggest that you check your security camera footage from Sunday night to see if anyone suspicious approached the masjid, vandalized the building in a place that you have yet to notice, etc.
With thanks,

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Comment by Bilal Mahmud المكافح المخلص on September 5, 2017 at 3:14pm


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