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Iran has demanded that US officials publicly apologize to the Iranian nation for the false accusations they leveled against Iran in violation of international rules and regulations.

Last month, the US Justice Department accused Iran of plotting to assassinate Saudi Arabian Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir, with help from a suspected member of a Mexican drug cartel.

Press TV: When you are hearing Iran saying that the US has violated the international law and that the US should apologize, what is you view on the issue?

Wilayto: Well, the trial is for the defendant in the United States, the used-car salesman who supposedly hired the Mexican hitman from a drug cartel to plant explosives in this Washington restaurant and kill the Saudi ambassador, this defendant is scheduled to go to trial at the end of December, I believe December 21. So that is why the evidence, whatever there is, that the US will present or will come out, in the meantime, we have a political crisis where the US has accused Iran of an act that, if it were true, would probably result in the military retaliation and yet the absurdity of this charge, this supposedly highly trained efficient professional organization --the Quds force-- would hire someone they do not know from a corrupt Mexican drug gang to carry out a politically sensitive operation on US soil is so absurd. But it does create a political crisis that the US can use in order to increase pressure on Iran.

If I could just interject one thing, in the lead-up to your show, you mentioned that Occupy Richmond have been raided by the police last night, and of course, I mean Richmond. I got a text about that and I went down to the occupation site this morning and nine people have been arrested; five of them are still in jail. Although they are charged with relatively minor crimes, they have been denied bail and will be in jail for at least a month and we would like to ask your listeners -if they would- to email, call, fax and write to the mayor of Richmond, Virginia, Dwight Jones, and demand that these various charges be dropped immediately.

Press TV: You were speaking about the implications that this case will have in terms of tension rising between the US and Tehran. A lot of people have been saying the fact that this plot was even raised and it was meant to be exposed and it was meant to create tension between the US and Tehran. Do you think that this is rather a pretext to launch war against Iran? Some people have been saying that it is not actually about waging wars, it is about avoiding a war with Iran at the same time raising accusations and pressure on Iran to increase sanctions on the country?

Wilayto: Well, certainly it s an attempt to increase sanctions but you have to look at this situation in the light of what is happening in the region as a whole. Now the government of Libya has been overthrown and Libya of course has the lightest oil deposits, known oil reserves, in all of Africa. Syrian government is under tremendous pressure and it is not known whether it will survive the current upheaval in that country and whatever problems and faults of the Syrian government, it was an obstacle to the US carrying out its policies in the area, and then of course Iran is the biggest obstacle to US achieving hegemony in this region of the world that has two-thirds of the world's known oil reserves.

So I think what we have to see is that US is attempting to tighten a noose around Iran; the announcements have just been made by the Obama administration that US troops will be shortly withdrawn from Iraq, combat troops, although there will be many who will stay and many will be remained next door in Kuwait. But now it has come out an article in the New York Times, I believe that was two days ago, that these forces will be redeployed throughout the Persian Gulf and that a new attempt will be made to militarily connect the Arab states of the [Persian] Gulf region that have governments that are sympathetic to the US and hostile to Iran to work in a more cooperative way militarily. So I think that Iran is the big prize as far as Washington is concerned. That is the country that they want to neutralize either politically or militarily and this accusation of assassination plot should really be seen in that context.

Press TV: We are seeing the pressure increase from the United States, would you say that this could turn out something like the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) charges on Iraq which were later of course proven to be false. Will this be another source of embarrassment for people like Hilary Clinton and for the Obama administration?

Wilayto: That could very well happen but remember we did not receive the information that the WMD charges were false until after Iraq had been invaded. I hope we do not have to wait that long this time. The stakes are very high for the Obama administration. If it were to come out that this was a fraud and that this whole case has been fabricated in order to increase pressure on Iran and raise the possibility of war, I think that is something that the American people would feel very strongly about.

People do not like to be lied to by their own government and they know that has happened in the past and they had great hopes for this present administration and those hopes are diminishing by the day. If it turns out that this was a fraud and that revelation comes before there is a military attack, I think it will be devastating for the Obama administration and that is what makes it so dangerous.

Press TV: Do you think that the United States is now looking for a way to initiate dialogue with Iran? Is that something that it would want when we speak of Afghanistan, Iraq and also other world issues? Does it see Iran as now becoming a major decision makers or power in the region that it has to force itself to negotiate with?

Wilayto: I think it does see Iran as having increasing political influence in the area. But recently, I think within the last six to eight weeks, President Ahmadinejad offered to open negotiations with the United States and significantly did not demand that the United States first recognize Iran's right to process nuclear fuel for domestic energy purposes -that apparently was a break from past discussions. So there was no response from the United States. I do not think Washington is interested in coming to the table to have an honest respectful conversation with Iran to work out any problems between them. I think it wants to take the government down; it wants to remove Iran as an influence in the area, that does not necessarily mean war but the history of the US foreign policy is such that war can never be discounted as a possibility.



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