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There are only 2 holiday celebrations in Islam, called Eids. Mother's day et. al. are from Satan.

If something is perfect and complete and you add or subtract and innovate it without authority to do so, what have you done?


The Prophet (pbuh) said in his last khutbah, I leave you with two things, the Qur’an and my Sunnah. Then those who came after him made factions and divisions. Allah says: “Surely you have nothing to do with those who have made divisions in their religion and become factions. Their matter is with Allah and He will tell them (in time) what they have been doing.” (6 Al-Anaam:159)


This ayat is addressed to the Prophet (pbuh) and through him to all of his followers. The importance of this statement is that true faith, or the true way of living, has always consisted of, and still consists of accepting the One True God, as one's God and Lord. It also consists of not associating anyone with God, in His divinity, nor in respect of His essence, His attributes, nor His claims upon His creatures. In addition, it also consists of believing in the Hereafter, and of considering oneself answerable before God. It also consists of living according to those principles and values, which have been communicated by God to mankind through His Prophets and Books. Allah says:

 ...”This day the unbelievers have fully despaired of your religion. Do not fear them; but fear Me. This day, I have completed your religion for you, perfected My blessings upon you, and am pleased with Islam as your Religion.”... [5 Al-Maidah:3]


This ayat came down to the Prophet (pbuh) while he was performing the Farewell Hajj on the Day of Jumuah standing in Arafat. He (pbuh) lived after it for a short time and then moved on to the highest company (of angels). 


This was the religion entrusted to man at the beginning of human life. The religions which emerged later, stemmed from the perverted ingenuity of man, from his baser lusts, and from an exaggerated sense of devotion to highly honored personalities. These perversions corrupted the original religion and overlaid it with harmful innovations.


Allah completed the religion for this nation, until the Hour has come for every generation of mankind. It also contains a refutation of the innovators. Those who introduce worship from themselves, and ascribe it to the religion, when it has no proof from the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger (pbuh). Rather, they introduce it based upon blindly following others whom they have decided are good, but are from the people of false ideas, and people with their own goals and desires. Therefore, they introduce worship into the religion, which Allah has sent down no proof for. He (pbuh) said: “Whoever introduces into this affair of ours that which is not from it, then it is rejected.”

In addition, he (pbuh) said:

“And beware of newly introduced matters, for every newly introduced matter is an innovation, and every innovation is a misguidance.”

[1] Reported by al-Bukhari no. 2697 and Muslim no. 1718 from a hadith of Aisha (ra)

[2] Reported by Abu Daoud, Ahmad, at-Tirmithe, and Ibn Majah from the famous hadeeth of Irbad ibn Sariyah (ra) [al-Albanee declared it sahih]


Whoever introduces acts of worship, which have no proof from the Book of Allah, nor from the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh), then he is accusing this religion of not being complete, and he wishes to complete the religion himself. He is not actually acknowledging the fact that Allah has completed it.


Whatever was not religion in the time of the Prophet (pbuh) will never be religion after him. So this contains a refutation of these groups: The groups who say that Islam is not suitable for every time, or those who innovate newly invented innovations, which have no proof from the Book of Allah, nor the Sunnah of His Messenger (pbuh), yet they ascribe them to the religion.


This ayat from Surah al-Maidah contains a refutation of them because the religion was completed by Allah, the Perfect and Most High. So there is no scope for adding to it, nor for reducing from it. In addition, there is no scope for raising doubts, nor seeking to obscure the issue by saying that, it is not suitable for the people in these later times.


“This day the unbelievers have fully despaired of your religion. Do not fear them; but fear Me. This day, I have completed your religion for you.” [5:3]

This is the Speech of Allah, the Perfect and Most High. He is the Most Truthful One of those who speak. And He, the Most High, said: And I perfected My blessings upon you, and am pleased with Islam as your Religion.” [5:3]


This was the last of that which came down to the Prophet (pbuh) and it is a testimony from the Lord of the whole of the Creation, for this religion, that it is complete, comprehensive, and fully suitable for every time and place.


So His saying, in this ayat, is an address to this nation, from the first of it to the last of it, and it is not just addressed to the first generation alone. Rather it is addressed to the whole of the nation, until the Hour comes.

People modified and distorted the original beliefs by mixing them with the results of their own conjecture and philosophical thinking. More and more innovations were added to the original laws of the true religion. Putting aside the Law of God, men set themselves up as their own law-makers. They engaged in hair-splitting elaborations, and exaggerated the importance of disagreements in minor legal problems.


They showed excessive veneration for some Prophets of God and some standard-bearers of the true religion, and deference to others. Thus there emerged innumerable religions and sects, the birth of each leading to the fragmentation of humanity into an ever increasing number of mutually hostile groups. Anyone who decides to follow the true religion must therefore cut himself off from all factions and chart a course based on the resources left for us by the Last Messenger (pbuh).


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