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Wa salaatu wa salaamu sayyiddina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam!


Masjid Taqwa of Atlanta, Georgia


The Power of Ten Fundraising Campaign

Masjid Taqwa of Atlanta, Georgia Masjid Development Project


The Power of Ten Campaign Overview


Masjid Taqwa of Atlanta is pursuing the purchase of a property at 630 Gillette Avenue, Atlanta Georgia.  After twenty years of worship in various rented properties, the Community believes it is more than prepared to enter into Community ownership of a Masjid and establish a school, halal market and community services center as exemplified by the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) and his Companions (RAA). The vision will be realized Insha Allah through effective fundraising strategies and the full engagement of the 1+Billion Muslims around the Globe. The Community has successfully raised $30,000.00 towards the purchase price of $350,000.00 and must raise within the next thirty days (30) a target of $55,000.00. The $85,000.00 represents the required 20% down payment and closing costs.  


The building of a mosque is a way for a person to continue to earn blessings after death. "The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Among what continues to accrue for a believer of his good works after death are the following: knowledge that he learned and then imparted to others, a pious child whom he left behind, a copy of the Qur’ân that he bequeathed, a mosque that he built, a guest house he built for travelers, a river that he made to flow, and charity he spends from his wealth when he is in good health – all of this continues to avail him after his death.” [Sunan Ibn Majah and Sunan al-Bayhaqî – and graded as good (hasan) by al-Albânî]


In an effort to be inclusive (the capacity to involve EVERYONE) and to Insha Allah assist the generous heart in reaping the benefit of the above Hadith, we have instituted a fund-raising strategy to raise the needed $55,000 within 30 days


The Power of Ten Strategy


Members of the Community (all 1.5 billion Muslims and their Family and Friends) are asked to become a Team Captain, form a team of ten (10), name your team and make the intention to raise $1000.00 by committing to each raise $100.00 by asking 10 more believers to contribute $10.00.   (10x10x10 =1000). This makes your participation a cake walk (easy)!  Now go to our Facebook page and invite friends, make duas, and let us know you support this worthwhile effort.  https://www.facebook.com/events/365321063565346/


Give your team a name, so we can announce your progress on Facebook and in the Masjid.


94:5 So, verily, with every hardship, there is ease:

94:6 Verily, with every hardship there is ease.

94:7 Therefore, when you are free, still labor hard,

94:8 And to your Lord turn your attention.


For your generosity and hard work you will receive the following:


¨       $1000 or more Jennah ( Insha Allah)

¨       $100 a limited edition T-Shirt designed by Kreative Mindz Ink and printed by Jami Screenprinting

¨       $10 a limited edition green wrist band with the Power of Ten inscription


Once you have reached your goal, please do one of the following:


Imam (s) Baye Secka or Ihsan Muhammad

Sis. Hajja Ayisha Jeffries Cisse @ 404-510-4970


Go directly to our website: http://fndr.se/633L (individual donations can be made here as well)







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