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Some people don't understand why Palestinians keep attacking Israel with rockets.

Let's give some perspective.

Imagine the year is 2015, and for whatever reason, North Dakota became uninhabitable.  Hence, the U.S. government decided to move all residents of North Dakota to live in California.  Initially, the Californians are welcoming of their new neighbors and quite accommodating.  However, with time, the borders of California somehow shrink from what was originally allocated to the Californians.  Within 60 years, all original Californians can only reside in Irvine and Riverside. 

Californians are no longer able to move around freely in California.   In fact, 30 foot walls are created around the borders of Irvine and Riverside, to prevent the movement of Californians.

In order for a resident of Riverside to go to Irvine, they need to stand in long lines at a check point to get in.

Californian residents who need to go to school have to go through these check points and face humiliation on a daily basis.

Sometimes students hold class at the check points, because they aren't allowed to pass.

Imagine that Californian workers couldn't get to their jobs unless they passed through long lines, just to get through, and North Dakotans, who now run the check points, sometimes don't even let the Californians pass through.

Many people trying to get through check points are trying to get to hospitals for medicine or treatment. Many of them are denied entrance.

To add insult to injury, the North Dakotans frequently build illegal settlements in the remaining Californian areas and destroy Californian homes with bulldozers and kick them out of their homes.  They also destroy water supplies, so that the Californians would not be able to survive.

The Californians lose everything.  Their homes, their parents, their children, their brothers and sisters.... They're all killed by North Dakotans.  The children who live through this every day, can't take it anymore.  They grab whatever they can: sling shots, rocks, homemade rockets.

To retaliate against rocks and homemade rockets (which can barely char the ground), North Dakotans fight back with sophisticated weaponry that the United States government provides them with, among which are white phosphorous, which is against International Law.

The Californian residents ask for help from the rest of the country, and can't believe that the remaining 49 states have done nothing to help them with their humanitarian crisis.

However, North Dakotans have very strong lobby groups that control the U.S. Congress and much of the American media and have convinced nearly all television viewers that North Dakotans have the right to defend their freedom against the Californians, who are fighting with rocks and homemade rockets.

This hypothetical situation seems very far-fetched, but it is exactly the situation of the Palestinians.  The world is silent, while the Palestinians are suffering.  They should not have to fight, alone.  The world needs to wake up and call the State Department to stop the Israeli bombing of Palestine and to return the Palestinian borders back to the 1948 agreement.

NUMBER FOR State Dept . PLEASE CALL and Demand They Stop the Attack on Gaza NOW! 1- 202-647-4000. This is the main line. Ask for the comment line (the public of inquiry/public affairs line) and hammer them. STOP the Attack on Gaza NOW!

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Comment by Umm Muhammad on November 19, 2012 at 8:33pm

Greensboro, North Carolina.
Rally against Israeli Assault on Gaza.
Palestinians joined by Saudis, Egyptians, Lebanese &

November 16: Imam Badi Ali led about 100 people in a rally
in downtown Greensboro to condemn the Israeli terror attacks on Gaza. It was a
large rally for a medium sized city like Greensboro.
Most of the people were
Palestinians but there were pleasant surprises as Saudis, Egyptians, Lebanese,
Moroccans and various Africans came to join the protest. The passing motorists
showed their support for the protestors.
The protestors were carrying flags
of Palestine and a huge sign which said GAZA
Young people were in the fore
front of the rally, alhamdulillah. A whole new generation of Palestinians
rejects Israel.
The protest went on for two hours, 6 to 8 PM, in spite of the
unexpectedly sudden cold weather. Local media covered the event.

Khalil Abdur Rahman
, representative of Imam Jamil al-Amin, joined the rally.
Jazakallah Khayr.

Kaukab Siddiqui


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