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Product Of My Environment...The Autobiography of Nicole Newman

How do I begin? How do I journal my purpose?


Authored by Nicole Newman
The year 2009 started out with a bang! The seeds of the entrepreneurial forest the Creator planted on my heart in 2006 were beginning to bear fruit! Accomplishing the goal is so close I can feel and touch it. The wealth and abundance is so close, I can taste it. BUT as the remembrance of God is the center of my entire world, and on this journey it is up to Him, and He willed that I STOP.
So, how do I begin, how do I begin without breaking down and crying.... How do I open up the book to let you know, my pain is the pain of my children, my parents, my culture, my country and my nation? As the Creator has shown me many times, It is as if it were said to me, "Your pain and sadness was brought on so you could LOVE deeply; see the depth of your pain is the depth of your LOVE.
The depth of my pain from being a shy, overweight teenager with very low self-esteem is still there; The depth of my pain from being stabbed in the face, neck and arms (just missing my jugular vein) with a butcher knife on the 15th street platform at 3:30 in the afternoon by my ex-best friend is still there; from having a father who has never said he loved me; from breaking my femur bone in a car accident while on my way back to college and having to sit out a semester is still there... And the depth of my pain from being single; an unmarried woman, who on the clutches of experiencing the phenomenon of birth, gets the cruel blow of an 8-month still born child on what was supposed to be a beautiful day for a baby shower. That pain caused 350 days of depression which shut down my reproductive system. Shawn Aaron Newman, you will forever be in my heart.
Now I have to make room to add the depth of my children's pain from having a father who decides to walk away and torture his three children my mailing them Christmas presents on January 18th, 2009 (without a note or a phone call!)
But I am strong. I am a woman; a woman born of another woman who is born of another woman born of another. I hold the strength of my grandmother, Ms. Marion Payne, who at 16 got married and started a family with four children by the age of 23. Her husband strayed from the family path and my grandmother decided to leave. This was unheard of in 1943. She had to survive away from her family with four children in tow, and survive she did. She had hard choices to make. The family was split apart, but it was her through her strength and God's will that she made it and she never gave up. When she found husband number two, she was taking care of a housebound woman and her family once again reunited. My grandmother and her second husband had five more children together, with my mom being the baby girl.
But I refuse to let this be a book about dysfunction in the African American community. I refuse to be another statistic about the dismal cycle of poverty brought on by another broken home, or to be a statistic about the number of highly educated women who are still single because the pool of African-American men who are not incarcerated is increasingly shrinking. I refuse to let my sons grow up in a world where they only have two tracks - the low-paying mail room or incarceration. I have been gifted with the awesome responsibility of loving you. I have been gifted with the awesome responsibility of showing you how to dream again and wake up to the dawn of a new era. Barack Obama is the president! Wake up people this is a new world!
It was the pain of having my children's father walk away that will allow me to live as the QUEEN I know I am. It was the pain of the twenty-something years of low self-esteem that allowed me to have focus and determination and not give a DAMN about what someone thinks about me! See, the depth of my pain is the depth of my LOVE.
This book is meant to inspire you to accept you. And only when you accept you and heal yourself will we be able to walk together and seek the blessings of this world.


About the author:
Nicole Newman is an inspiring motivational writer, public speaker and business networker. She was born in Washington DC and grew up in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. She is a product of Julia R. Reynolds Masterman School and the High School of Engineering and Science. Though an altercation in 1989 left her with a stab wounds to the face, neck and right arm she was honored with the most improved student award upon graduation.
She started her college career at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. In her, 2nd year she was involved in a car accident that left her with a broken femur bone and a sublegal hematoma to the brain. Although she was unable to complete school at the University of NC at Greensboro, 2 months later while on crutches she transferred to Temple University and graduate magna cum laud from the Fox school of Business with a BBA in Risk Management and Insurance, Management Information Systems and a minor in Human Resources. She went on to complete her MBA at the prestigious Robert H. Smith school of Business at the University of Maryland majoring in Finance.
Nicole started her professional Information Technology career at CIGNA where she found a niche in database design and reporting. She was fascinated by putting data in a sequence that buildd information. After a 15 year run, she ended her corporate career at the global consulting firm of Deloitte Touche Tomatsu. She left to pursue her passion in entrepreneurialism and bridging the digital divide.
Nicole started her company, Newman Networks in April of 2006 which owned www.diversephilly.com, a website for businesses to share the costs of advertising. In just the second year, the company quadrupled revenue. With over 2000 LinkedIn connections, 6000 Facebook friends and 80 testimonials, the company made a massive network in the local marketplace. This is just one of the testimonials - "Nicole Newman is an outstanding individual. She is an incredible connector and exemplifies in her daily life the proof that networking is the key to building a successful business. Nicole cares most about her clients, colleagues and friends; assisting them in building strong relationships that will lead to company growth and success. Anyone doing business in the Greater Philadelphia region should get to know Nicole immediately. She will absolutely take your business to the next level." said Kate Bay, regional account executive Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.

Product Of My Environment

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