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O Muslims of them together ... O people everywhere ... Afflicts not only his family cunning bad .ولا يحيق المكر السيئ إلا بأهله

The following is a loose translation from Muhamed Badi....

Message from: a.. D. Mohammed Badi
General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood

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Praise be to God, prayer and peace upon the Messenger of God, and his companions, and marched on the way of life and the cord on their way to the Day of Judgement ... After:
Along jealous of every Muslim ruler or doomed
And to all benevolent, and willing to freedom, and eager for change
To those who seek world peace
Covet and security prevail in the communities
Aspects of these words the performance of the secretariat, which make us by God, and standing, the right to call that cost us by God:] Let you a nation who invite to goodness, and enjoin good and forbid evil, and those are the successful [Al-Imran: 104.

O Muslims of them together ... O people everywhere
Know that the universe is dominated by a god, and to keep his affairs, and manages its affairs, nor is it only what he wants:] He is the Omnipotent over His slaves, He is the Wise expert [cattle: 18. On this basis, we are not afraid only of God, nor give in to him only, but not proud of it, not only put our trust it ..
God has made Justice the strength of communities, it calls for intimacy, is a matter of obedience, and live by the country, and grow its funds, and to bless in the Agency, he will be safe by the Sultan, and then Allah ordered:] Surely Allah enjoins justice and kindness, and giving to kinsfolk, and forbids indecency and evil, and admonishes you, you may recall, [bees: 90.

And just last king, and the Governor has the hearts of the parish, and injustice and oppression do not have anything, but the user does not see nor hear only a hypocrite, and hearts be different, and pray for him day and night.

God also made the cause of the loss of injustice Almighty God said:} and the villages destroyed what we did wrong and will destroy them for an appointment ([al-Kahf: 59].
And God - the Almighty - do not miss him injustice wrong:] Think not that Allah is unaware of what the wicked but He gives them respite for a day when eyes will stare [Ibrahim: 42.
The Almighty God for the unjust dictates, but do not neglect them: Abu Musa t said: The Messenger of God: «God Almighty to dictate to the wrongdoer, if not taken Ifelth». Then he recited: 831; as well as taking your Lord when He chastises communities in the unjust taking very painful ([Hood: 102].
God has made of the fact that our age does not lag behind, and the laws of survival of the United steadily in and die,] would see only the first two years you will not find it and thou wilt not find for the conversion of God [creator: 43.

This is an aspect of these laws:
1) God has sent messengers and sealed them with Muhammad, and sent down the books and stamped the Holy Quran; to guide humanity for the delay, but warns that it Hlakha .. Almighty God said:) We send the messengers only to give good news and to warn it is a safe and viable there is no fear, nor shall they grieve * and those who deny Our revelations, torment will afflict them for their misdeeds ([cattle: 48-49].

2) when Tcetkbr nations, and buck and a lie is made by the Apostles and remains Promulgated in the way of temptation and misguidance, God down by adversity, and Eptlleha some adversity, perhaps wake up, and know the Lord, and the rush of being Bbabh, and supplication to the Almighty said:) I have sent to the United before you seized them with tribulation and adversity that they might learn humility ([cattle: 42].

3) If you do not find them these calamities, and decorated them with their ill-Satan, as God said:) Why, then, the suffering reached them from us, but their hearts were hardened and decorated to the devil for what they were doing [[cattle: 43]. And if they continue on in their contumacy and disrespect on the Apostles and threatened to expel them:) And those who disbelieve say of the Messengers to expel you from our land or return to our religion revealed to them their Lord Nhlkn oppressors ([Ibrahim: 13]. While bringing their tyranny to this extent, God Imhlhm a period of time , and Imitahm altogether from the lottery, then come down to their clothes very:] when they forgot what they said it they opened the doors for everything, even if they rejoiced, including Ottawa inflicted suddenly if they are plunged into despair. was cut off people who did wrong, praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds ([cattle: 43-45 ].

4) It is the wisdom of God to destroy sinners, ungrateful, and they are in the highest degree of luxury, in most moments of fun; to be a greater impact on them; Man in moments of adversity wish to die; to get rid of the suffering of pain; In moments of bliss and luxury stretch its cords hopes, and the length of possible to enjoy what he is doing a luxury, but Ertawa in immorality and disobedience; and enjoy what took them from the desires and pleasures, and thus achieved their loss and are entitled to them and rejoicing of God:) and how utterly destroyed, the village was unfair and created after them another folk. When they felt Our might, behold them fleeing. Flee not, but go back to the comforts in which you and your dwellings, that ye may be questioned. Iaoellna said we were wrong. Remain until their case that we made them as reaped corn, extinct ([Prophets: 11-15].

Dear Muslims: Beware of spoilers vaunted reform:
So do not be fooled people mischief, Almichdeghin the pretext of reform, so as not to fall into the trap of the oppressors, warned of God Almighty from a range of people have sayings decorated, and tongues, sweet, and admired by commoners, and they think that it is beyond repair, while they are as corruption and the basis of mass:] It is like saying people in this life, and God is my witness to what is in his heart, a bitter quarrel. If the effort in the land to spoil and destroy crops and cattle, and Allah does not love corruption. If he was told "Fear God took pride sin credited it hell, and evil is the resting [al-Baqarah 204-206. If Nhihm corruption Ojabok as peacemakers:] When it is said to them: Make not mischief in the land, they say: We are peacemakers. They are not spoilers, but do not feel [al-Baqarah: 11-12.

Elsewhere among the nobles in every state in the crime:] and also made in each village for its wicked Imkroa and plots where only themselves and they are [cattle: 123.

This has included the statement that the plot will rebound to Nhoarham, has been confirmed in other verses Allah says:] not affect anyone cunning bad but its authors ([creator: 43]. If that plot Fallah cunning and management:} And they have subtle and cunning subtle they do not feel . So see how was the end of plot I Admournahm and their entire people. Those empty homes, including wrong in that for those who know ([poets: 50-52]. They do not fail to God whatever the plot, and whatever preceded them in preparing gear,] let not those who disbelieve suppose that they can outstrip. and prepared them what you can of power [Anfal: 59-60.

Must resist the oppressors:
We have urged Islam followers to stand in the face of the oppressors advice and guidance, and pronunciation of the word right before the unjust, even if it costs them to pay with their lives, narrated Jabir t from the Prophet e said: «martyrs Hamza Bin Abdul Muttalib, and a man who stood up before unfairly ordered him and forbade him, killing him» . But to make the best of jihad, from Abu Sa'eed al-t said: The Messenger of Allah e: «The best jihad is the word change at Prince Sultan unjust or unfair».

And carry out this duty takes faith to a stable and firmly believe, and trust completely in God Almighty, and the fear and respect him alone with no partner or associate, and full confidence that the creatures do not have us harm or benefit nor death nor life nor resurrection, all of that gives the insured a strong will and determination of true , and the courage to tell the truth and declared, standing in the face of injustice and oppression, all of which is reflected in the words of the Messenger of Allah e "not not prevented a man who feared people to speak to the right if he knew, not that the best jihad is the right word when Sultan unfair» because it is real does not provide for The delay of the provision, timing and livelihoods in his hand and only the Almighty.

Reality has passed and the event is not pleased:
The Caretaker to the reality around us, and hopefully with is located on the world stage, can be seen that the overall orientation of the global intentionally to reign tyranny lands of the Muslims, and fill the tyranny and corruption all over the country, and warmed himself Abarrh all slaves, and perhaps this is part of a large global to the exclusion of Islam to govern, even if with the path of democracy, and also to keep the Muslims to have a role in their country's policy, or action to show pride in their home .. And the recovery of their freedoms .. And become a philosophy of tyrants dictators globalization of tyranny, and spreading corruption and decay, and dissemination of injustice, and tearing the aggregate, and to disperse the United; so they can have access to their material interests, and colonial ambitions, and if the colonizer was gone but his influence and domination over these countries continues!. All this is a picture of greed and gluttony did not see the world has ever seen .. These became the meanings are the focus of competition between powerful countries .. But I tried them all that greed and cover-up maneuver a veil of action principles of social good and virtuous human systems such as publishing of democracy, universal freedom, justice, and the preservation of human rights ..

Manifestations of oppression and tyranny in the Arab and Islamic countries:
If this side of tyranny, it corresponds to the global tyranny and the most bitter of the many Arab and Islamic governments, which are reflected in its manifestations:
1. Elimination of the symbols of the nation of men, and minds mature, and eradicate all of the above, and the exclusion of talents and capacities of functions affecting the community building, and assigning to close and do not experience them.

2. A result, the bridge is the command to his family Vdiat Secretariat, was to dispel people's money on the desires and pleasures, and the confiscation of freedoms and looting of property, and subject to the interests of the nation and its will to a foreigner, and there was underdevelopment, poverty, unemployment, corruption and hypocrisy. "

3. Prevent trade unions and civil society institutions to play their role and even closed, for decades, and the withholding of all the works to enlighten the souls or all of the broadcast of courage and self-confidence or achieve cohesion sons of the profession all together and one for the good of their profession and their homeland, Muslims and Christians.

4. Hard work to destroy the spirit of the citizens, and loyalty have been killed, and to accustom people to accept the humiliation, humiliation and satisfaction, and Astmra vile and Saturday by, and live without dignity.

5. The existence of the secret police and spies and transmit the eyes across the country ... And the exclusion of all Sheriff Nabil for government jobs on behalf of the State Security reports.

6. General impoverishment of the people so busy with the search for a living, not find much time where they can work for change and reform.

7. Overburden the poor, taxes, customs fees, and put obstacles in front of them when seeking to set up projects to earn their livings from it, while easier to influential people and their relatives .. No taxes or customs and no fees, resulting in the concentration of wealth in the hands of those in power, and Btzauj power and wealth spread corruption and poverty, where the rich grow richer and the poor getting poorer ..

O rulers treat even bask in security and sleep:
I do not think that the governor can sleep in the house or to go down to the street or walking in the market or even enter the house of God unguarded, with this guard is not a substitute for a fuse, and the greatest of the guard if taken Justice guards, also tells about the «Yazdegerd» last kings of Persia: he sent a messenger to Umar ibn al-Khattab t and ordered him to consider the merits, and when he entered the city, said: "Where is your king? They said: "We have no king, Prince of us went out, the man went in effect, and found him asleep in the sun, and under his flagship, The sweat from his forehead so afflicted the earth, when he saw the condition he said: Modified ICRC kept up grew. Our friend and neighbor Vsohr afraid, I bear witness that religion is your religion, but nor I am the Messenger to become Muslim, and I will come back - God willing.

O Arab leaders and Muslims:
Is not it you that you stop the injustice and corruption, and Invent at the hands of spoilers, and let the hand pure, hearts and unlocked, and souls dedicated to the homeland and the people, go in the way of the building, and take the process of advancement in this country who was overshadowed by the injustice for decades ..

Ye doers and spoilers good that you listen to the advised before it is too late and before to solve the time of regret and the moment of punishment, which does not work with remorse, and will not pay you the wrath of God what have gathered from the wealth of injustice and aggression, and will not respond you your strength and Jendkm the wrath of the people, will not protect you, the West which Trquenon him, and his hand Sinfd of you, but if he were saying, I do not see what you see ..

Before to solve this time listened to the voice of the wise of your people who are loyal to you advice, beware of hypocrites who decorate your bad deeds, and Idfonkm to the aggression against your people, and dealt the language of dialogue instead of the language stick security large, which can only lead to chaos, and if you want stability real, and full security, and overall development, freedom and justice for all, it is not only in the moderate Islamic approach, which calls for freedom, equality and justice ..
The only want to fix what could compromise him except in God and to Him I turn [Hud: 88.
The God of the intent behind the guidance to the Straight Path

Cairo: 16 Safar in 1432  A.H. , corresponding to 20 January 2011 


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