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Sister Nicole Newman accepts the 2011 Madam C. J. Walker Award

Presented by The National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Pennsylvania Chapter, Nicole Newman is presented with the


2011 Madam C. J. Walker   Award at the Loews Hotel in center city Philadelphia....Newman Networks

Sister Nicole Newman:  08/21/12

feels great (500 jumping jack will do that)! Ready to exercise my mind in day 2 of the PCPR conference on education (or lack thereof). Sobering statistics - 60% of all American students are below proficient in math in science (STEM), among black students the failure rate is 80% and among latinos it is 90%. Reasons for this failure -
1) A shortage of properly trained STEM teachers - "A 2010 study

by the National Center for Education Statistics found that nearly one-third of physics and chemistry teachers in public schools don't hold degrees or certificates in those fields. An additional 35 percent of math teachers don't have math degrees. In comparison, 85 percent of English teachers have English degrees."

2) EXPECTATIONS - By middle school, most countries begin teaching chemistry, algebra, physics and geometry. In the U.S., middle-school curriculum consists primarily of a review of arithmetic and studying life science and Earth science.

3) UNPREPARED - A lower rate of students in the U.S. enter college prepared for STEM coursework and degrees, experts have said. and students do not pursue STEM in college. According to estimates from the National Academy of Sciences, for every American student receiving an engineering degree, about eight students receive engineering degrees in China and about five earn degrees in India.
STEM jobs contributed 50% of the GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT of the U.S. Without taking an interest in the EDUCATION of our children NOW, WE(Parents) leave a dull future for them...

Sister Nicole Newman:

is taking inventory... They say "Show me your friends and I will show you your future..." 2 of my 5 friends (who I have known at least 25 years) are Muslim, 3 of them are married, 4 own businesses, all are homeowners and 2 have shown me the

path to Real Estate Investing. These are the sisters who help keep the fire lit for a bright future.... I LOVE MY FRIENDS! They say "FRIENDS are people you choose to include in your family..."

Sister Nicole Newman:

is keeping it simple! They say "Simplicity in life cannot be achieved without honesty. Honesty can live without simplicity, but simplicity cannot live without honesty." In all relationships, honest communication keeps people building and growing TOGETHER. When you are taken for granted, my friend said "You live and you learn, then you learn to live.."(by keeping it simple..)

About Sister Nicole

I believe we can all be students of life and life is about relationships. It is through seeing others as valuable that we learn to value ourselves. Learn to become a giving, trustworthy person who is on a quest for knowledge and you will be blessed

I am a business builder and the happiest person I know. I still can't believe GOD allows me to fulfill my purpose everyday.. I am on a mission to turn everyone into a business owner who takes advantage of the tax savings for business owners and uses that income to generate wealth.. Easy to do when you have a network of like minded individuals all doing it. You will find them on the Newman Networks Group. Join today as I show you how to make it happen!

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