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The story of man's creation as stated in the Qur'an is quite different from Darwinism. The Qur'an says that man started his life as man. That he has absolutely no connection whatsoever with any non-human state. Allah created him as man from the very first day of his life on the earth and endowed him with wisdom and enlightenment from the very start of his life.

The Darwinian theory reduces man to one of the species of animals. Therefore, all the principles of human life (including the moral principles) will be based on the principles governing animal life and any animal like behavior of his, will be regarded as natural. Then the only difference between human beings and animals will be the ability of the former to use instruments for the provision of their necessities and luxuries. On the contrary, the adoption of the Divine reality raises him from the low position of animal to the high position of man, Allah’s noblest creation.

He is no longer a talking animal, but the vicegerent of Allah on the earth. This changes man's entire outlook about his life on this earth and demands a different philosophy of life and system of morality, law and civilization. Then man, of his own accord, will look upwards in search of the principles of life and not downwards.

Now let us consider an objection to the Divine creation of man however dignified and high sounding this may be from the moral and psychological points of view. How can we reject the Darwinian theory merely on this account? In answer to this, we put a counter question. Has the Darwinian theory of the `Origin of the Species' been scientifically proven? Only those people who have a superficial knowledge of science may be suffering from this misunderstanding that the theory of evolution has been scientifically proven to be true.

Those who know better are fully aware that despite the vast machinery of evidence in its support, it remains merely a theory. The arguments marshalled in support of this theory at best succeed in establishing it as a possibility, but certainly not as an accurate fact, in spite of its high-sounding technical terms, and the arguments in favor of this are not conclusive, but merely theoretical.

Allah says: Surely We brought man into being out of dry ringing clay which was created from black mud, [15 Al-Hijr:26]

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