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This month, many people will be preparing to celebrate the holiday season with thoughts of comfort and joy, families, and

Indigenous People Day

friends. At First Nations, we encourage everyone to also take the time to celebrate Indigenous peoples – the sacred people who stood on the land before us. At all times, and especially now during Native American Heritage, we ask people to recognize the prayers of our ancestors and the culture that is interwoven in our everyday lives – from architecture, to street names, to sports, to many of the foods we eat today. Native American Heritage is engrained in many of the things we do and see.

When it comes to Native American Heritage Month and the celebration of Native culture, I often think about the responsibilities of being Native and what it means to be Native. I also wonder whether the yearly celebration of Native American Heritage Month actually starts on October 31st with the commercialization and indignation of Indigenous costumes. Or is the annual month of recognition meant to encompass the pilgrims and Indian Harvest Celebration that represents Thanksgiving?

But as I consider this time of year and the associated hype around Native Americans, what comes to bear is not the responsibilities of us as Native people, but the responsibilities of others to consider Native people more. There is a responsibility to go beyond the “status quo” lack of education provided in our country today. There is a responsibility to not just celebrate the role Native American played and continue to play in our worlds, but also learn about authentic Native History and contemporary Native issues.

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