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Extremely Urgent: Stop Imminent Massacre in 3 Burma Villages

El-Hajj Mauri'       Saalakhan
1. Response Needed       re: the Genocide in Burma

Extremely Urgent: Stop Imminent Massacre             in 3 Burma Villages

Extremely Urgent. Call Today to Stop Ithttp://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/audio/video/2012/1..." /> Here             is an urgent message from extremely reliable sources, who in the             past have correctly informed us of forthcoming             massacres:
An order has been             given to authorities to round up and kill all boys over the age of             10. It may be today or tomorrow we are told. Apparently UN agencies             also know about this.
This is about the ongoing weeklong             attack on Rohingya Muslims in Burma. This area has a Muslim majority             and has no history of conflict. Buddhist have always been safe in             this area.
Extremist are bringing their killers from other             areas.
Your duas and urgent phone calls can really save             lives today!


We need             to take immediate action in this life-or-death situation. Please             make three phone calls today!             

Please Make 2 Phone Calls             Today

1. Call the Secretary of State at              202-647-4000 asking him to make phone call to the Burmese president             and urge him to intervene and stop this weeklong attack on             three Muslim villages.
2.             Call your U.S. Representative to co-sponsor House Resolution             418….we’re now up to 19 co-sponsors!  Let’s keep up the             effort!
Find your U.S. Representative http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/

Please Create a Tweet             Storm!

Tweet             about it RIGHT NOW. Here is a sample tweet:
Call Sec State in US to call #Burma              202-647-4000. Credible reports of imminent massacre             in 3 villages. #SaveRohingya. Call UN Rep.

If you are outside             USA

If you're             outside the U.S., you can still call the Burmese embassy in your             country and give them a piece of your mind! Also call the local UN             office asking the Secretary General to visit Burma to stop this.                          

Here is another             Report

"All the dead bodies are systematically             disposed off during the nights. The village is not accessible for             any Rohingya. The village is still totally cordoned off by hundreds             of army, Buddhist militia and police while extremists are allowed to             enter and carry out the looting and killing. Those who escaped are             telling us that most houses are destroyed. Muslims in this village             constitute a majority and until now were safe."

Joint Statement             by UK and USA

The United             States and the United Kingdom have called for an investigation into             a recent outbreak of violence in Burma against Rohingya Muslims.             
In a joint statement released by             their embassies, they said they were “deeply troubled” by the             violence in the Maungdaw township.
We             strongly condemn such acts of violence, which negatively impact all             inhabitants of Rakhine State,” the statement said. “We urge the             authorities to thoroughly investigate and hold accountable those             responsible for the violence, whether civilian or security             personnel.”
“Government actions to date have             clearly been insufficient,” they said.

On             the other hand the Burmese presidential spokesperson, as usual, said             that the government had not received reports of any significant             outbreak of violence.

The US Imposes             Some More Restrictions

In the             mean time the US has put new restrictions on assistance to Burma,             stipulating that funds allocated to the Burmese government are             contingent on Constitutional reform and demonstrated progress             towards resolving human rights issues.

Congressional             Campaign

A survey of             congressional staff showed that “in-person visits by constituents”              was the best strategy to influence an undecided lawmaker. Contact             some of your friends and neighbors that live in the same district             and plan a delegation.

Burma Muslims             are Counting on YOU!

For more information on this issue and/or Burma       Task Force USA:

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