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Support for Israel is support for colonial and imperialistic powers exceeding their


authority. The United Nations had no business offering the nation of one people to the people of many nations.

Support for Israel is support for legal racial discrimination, namely, the Law of Return.  "people immigrated to Israel and received automatic citizenship under the Law of Return, while citizens of Nazareth and Taibe are not allowed to visit their own relatives merely due to the fact that they are Arabs."

Support for Israel is support for ethnic cleansing In 1948 Jews dispossessed over 800,000 Palestinians from over 500 towns and villages. After 1948, 92% of the land that became Israel was Palestinian. 

Support for Israel is support for violations of numerous UN Security Council Resolutions.

Support for Israel is support for terrorism (killings for political purposes). Numerous supporters of Palestinian resistance murdered by MOSSAD.

Christian support for Israel based on distorted interpretations of the Bible is akin to Christian support for enslavement of kidnapped Africans and Jim Crow racial discrimination.

Know that the Prophet (S) has said: "Whoever among you sees what is wrong, let him change it by force. If he is not able to do that, then he must speak out. If he not able to do that, then he must hate it in his heart. That is the weakest of faith" (recorded by Muslim).


The relationship between the U.S. and Israel is inaccurately portrayed. The alliance between the U.S. and Israel is more accurately one of a parasite and a host, of an addict and its enabler, of a trouble maker and a dupe or patsy. Israel has received millions of dollars in cash and military equipment from the U.S., while the U.S. gets nothing from Israel in return. Israel continues to violate U.N. resolutions, while the U.S. disregards those violations. Israel continues to grab land from Palestinians, thus engaging in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, while the U.S. disregards it. Israel invades and occupies other countries while the U.S. becomes the object of hate. Israel pretends to negotiate terms of peace, while the U.S. is a frustrated mediator. Israel makes giving every Jew citizenship and refusing citizenship to Palestinians in the diaspora a democratic concept, while the U.S. ignores such blatant racism.  


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