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What Allah says about Racism!

This is meant to impress that in the universe created by Allah nowhere is there homogeneity and uniformity. There is variety everywhere. From the same earth and by the same water different kinds of trees are appearing. Even two pieces of fruit of the same tree are not uniform in color, size and taste. In the same mountain, one will see a variety of colors and a great difference in the material composition of its different parts.

Even among human beings and animals one will not see two offspring of the same parents exactly alike. If a person seeks uniformity of the temperaments, dispositions and mentalities in this universe and is bewildered at the differences which have been alluded to above, it will be his own perception and understanding that is to blame.


Allah says: “The blind and the seeing are not alike, nor darkness and light; nor cool shade and torrid heat; nor are the living and the dead alike. Allah makes to hear whomsoever He wishes, but you, (O Prophet), cannot cause to hear those who are in their graves.” [35 Fatir:19-22]


In these comparisons, the present and the future of a believer and a disbeliever have been contrasted. There is a person who has closed his eyes to the realities and does not care to see as to what truth the whole system of the universe and his own existence are pointing. There is the other person, whose eyes are open and who clearly sees that everything outside and inside himself bears evidence to the Unity of Allah and to man’s answerability before him.


There is a person, who is wandering blindly in the superstitions of ignorance, the darkness of presumptions and speculations, and is not inclined to benefit by the light of the candlelit by the Prophet (saws). There is the other person, whose eyes are open and who, as soon as the light spread by the Prophet (saws) appears before him, comes to realize that all the ways being followed by the polytheists, disbelievers, and atheists lead to destruction, and the way to success is only that, which has been shown by the Messenger of Allah.


How can it be possible that the attitude of the two persons be the same, in the world, and the two follow one and the same path together? How can this also be possible, that the two should meet the same end, and both end up in the dust after death? Neither should one be punished for his wrongdoings, nor the other be rewarded for his righteous conduct. The sentence, “the cool shade and the heat of the sun are not alike” points to the same fate. The one will be provided shelter under the shade of Allah’s mercy and the other will burn in the fire of Hell.


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