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What Allah says about Racism!

Allah says: “Behold! We have created day and night as two signs. We have deprived the sign of night of light and made the sign of day bright to enable you to seek the bounty of your Lord and to judge months and years. Thus We have made everything clear and unmistakable.” [17 Al-Israa: 12]

Here, Allah invites man to study the wisdom that underlies variety in the world so you won’t get confused and long for boring uniformity. In fact, the whole system is based on a variety, and a range of things. For example let us take the case of the signs of day and night: "You see these opposite things daily in your life. If you consider the underlying wisdom, you find that without this variety there would hardly be any activity in the world.

Likewise, great wisdom lies in the creation of people with different temperaments, thoughts and inclinations. If Allah had made all men righteous by birth or did not create disbelievers and wicked people and left only believers and peaceful people in the world, the purpose of man's creation could not have been realized. Therefore, it is wrong to desire that there should only be day and no night.

The righteous thing is that these people, who have got the light of guidance, should exert their utmost to remove the darkness of non-guidance. It is their duty that if they find darkness like that of night, they should pursue it like the sun so that the light of guidance should reappear.

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