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Allah warns: ”O you who have believed, fear Allah, and let everyone consider well what he has forwarded for the morrow. Fear Allah, for Allah, is well aware of all that you do. Do not be like those who forgot Allah, and Allah caused them to forget their own selves. They are the wrongdoers. The dwellers of Hell and the dwellers of Paradise cannot be alike. The dwellers of Paradise, alone, are successful.” [2 Al-Baqarah:18-20] 


It is a rule of the Qur'an that whenever the hypocritical Muslims are taken to task for their hypocrisy, they are given a warning also, so that, whoever of them has some life left in his conscience, may feel remorse for his conduct, and attitude, and may make an effort, out of the fear of Allah, to come out of the pit into which his worship of the self has thrown him.


"For the morrow", for the Hereafter, this whole worldly life is viewed as "today," whose "tomorrow" is the Day of Resurrection, which comes after it. Allah has, in a wise manner, made man understand the truth that, just as that person is highly foolish, who gambles away his all for the enjoyment of today. Does not realize whether tomorrow he would be left with anything to eat, and a place of shelter or not. So is that person also working for his own doom, who is too absorbed in making it in this world, to pay heed to the Hereafter? Whereas the Hereafter is to follow this world, just as today is to be followed by tomorrow. There he would find nothing if he has sent nothing ahead for the morrow.


Besides, the other wise point here is that every person has been appointed his own censor. Unless a person develops within himself the sense of what is good for him, and what is evil, he cannot appreciate whether what he is doing will make his future in the Hereafter or damage it. When this sense becomes active in himself, he will have to calculate and see for himself whether the way in which he is spending his time, his wealth, his energies and capabilities leads to Heaven or Hell. To do so is in his own interest. If he does not do so he will ruin his own future.


Forgetfulness of Allah inevitably leads to forgetfulness of one's self. When man forgets that he is a slave to Almighty Allah, he will form a wrong view of his position in the world, and his whole life will go wrong because of this basic error. Likewise, when he forgets that he is a slave to nobody, except Allah, he serves the one, whose slave he actually is not. This is a grave misunderstanding, which corrupts his whole life. Man's real position in the world is that of a slave.

He is not free and self-sufficient. He is a slave of the One God Allah and is no one else's slave besides Allah. The person who does not know this truth, does not, in fact, know his own self. The person who in spite of knowing this, forgets it at any moment, may commit an act at that very moment, which a disbeliever, a polytheist, or a man forgetful of Allah would commit. Man's remaining firm, and steadfast on the right path entirely depends on his remembering Allah at all times. For as soon as he, becomes heedless of Allah he becomes heedless of himself, and this heedlessness turns him into sinfulness. 


Allah guides us with these words: ”Had We sent down this Qur'an upon a mountain, you would have seen it humbling itself and splitting apart from the fear of Allah. We present these moral stories before the people so that they may reflect (on themselves).” [2 Al-Baqarah:21] 


This moral story means that if a huge creation like a mountain had the sense and knowledge that it had been made responsible and accountable, like man, before Allah Almighty, for its deeds, it would have trembled from the fear of it. However, how heedless, senseless and thoughtless is man, who understands the Qur'an, and has known the whole truth through it, yet he is neither seized by fear, nor feels worried as to what answer he would make to Allah about the responsibilities that have been placed on him. On the contrary, when he reads the Qur'an or hears it read, he remains unmoved, as if he were a lifeless and senseless stone, which is not supposed to hear, see and understand anything.


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