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If man makes a deep observation of the system of the universe, he will see two things very outstanding about it:

First, that the universe has been created with the truth. It is a serious system, whose every particle testifies, that it has been created with great wisdom. Each component has a law underlying it, and everything in it has a purpose behind it. Man’s whole socio-economic life, all the sciences and arts are a witness, that whatever man has done in the world became possible only, because he was enabled to discover the laws working behind everything, and the purpose for which it was made.


Had he been placed as a puppet in a lawless and purposeless toy house, no science, no civilization and no social life, could be conceived. Now, how does it stand to reason that the Wise Being, Who has created this world with such wisdom and design, and, Who has placed in it a creation like man, who is endowed with great mental and physical capabilities, powers, authority, freedom of action and choice, moral sense and entrusted with unlimited means, and resources, would have created him without a purpose and design?


Should man live a full life, involving both goodness and evil, justice and injustice, virtue and vice, end up as the dust he was created from, and his good and evil acts not bear any fruit? Each act of man will influence his own life, as well as the lives of thousands of other men, like himself, and countless other things in the world, for good, or for evil. Should, therefore, the whole record of his life-activity be set aside, after his death, without any accountability?


The second thing that becomes apparent after deep observation of the system of the universe is that nothing here is immortal. Everything has an age appointed for it, which after attaining it, it expires and dies. The same is the case with the universe as a whole.


All the forces that are working here are limited. They work only until an appointed term and inevitably run out of time, and this system has to end. In ancient times philosophers, and scientists who said that the world was eternal and everlasting could have their way, mainly due to the lack of knowledge. However, modern science almost definitely has cast its vote in favor of the Creationists, in the debate, that had been going on for centuries between them, and the atheists, regarding the eternal, or the temporary nature of the world. Now the atheists are left with no leg to stand on. They cannot claim, on the basis of reason and knowledge, that the world has existed since eternity, and will exist forever and there is going to be no resurrection.


The ancient materialistic creed rested on the belief, that matter was indestructible, only its form could be changed, but after every change, matter remained matter, and no increase or decrease occurred in its quantity. Therefore, it was inferred that this material world had neither a beginning, nor an end. Now with the discovery of atomic energy, which has demolished the entire materialistic structure. It has come to light that energy changes into matter, and matter changes back into energy with the result that nothing persists, neither form, nor appearance.

The law of Thermodynamics has proved that this material world has neither existed since eternity nor will last until eternity. It began in time and has to end in time. Therefore, it is no longer possible to deny the Hereafter, even according to science. Obviously, when science has surrendered, how can philosophy stand to deny the Hereafter?


Allah says: “Have they not traveled through the earth that they may observe what was the end of their predecessors who were far mightier and tilled the land and built upon it more than these have ever built? And Allah's Messengers came to them with Clear Signs. It was not Allah Who wronged them, but it is they who wronged themselves. Evil was the end of those evil-doers, for they gave the lie to Allah's Signs and scoffed at them.” [30 Ar-Ruum:9-10]


This is a historical argument for the Hereafter. It means this: The Hereafter has not been denied by just a couple of people in the world. Instead, throughout human history, a large number of them have been involved, in this disbelief. There have been entire nations, which either denied it altogether or lived heedless of it. Some of them invented such false beliefs about life after death, as rendered the concept of the Hereafter meaningless. Then the continuous experience of history reveals, that in whatever form the Hereafter has been denied, its inevitable result has been that the people became corrupted morally. They lived irresponsible lives. They violated all limits of tyranny, and wickedness, which became the cause of the destruction of one nation, after the other. Does not this experience of thousands of years of history, which has been traced by human generations, one after another, prove that the Hereafter is a reality whose denial is fatal to man? https://www.blurb.com/b/10027977-what-allah-says-about-the-hereafter


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